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What We Offer



Our specialty is line editing, which entails improving style, fluency, accuracy, clarity, grammar, usage, word choice and word order ...... we also eliminate redundancies, stilted or archaic usage, breach of style and superfluous writing.

Other services include:

• formatting in APA-7, MLA, Chicago formats
• publishing your book on Amazon
• transcriptions from longhand (and audio recordings)
• programs & posters (design and editing)
• advertisements & brochures (design and editing)
• script & book consulting
• bios & press releases
• book cover/title page design
• musical composition, arrangements & transcriptions
• script writing

Some past editing projects include:

• "I Made it Off the Block" by Guillermo Eiland
• “The Legacies of Judge A.D. Sayre and Zelda Fitzgerald” a non-fiction book by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s grandson, Samuel Lanahan, III.
• “Until the Full Moon,” a novel by Charlet Wang
• “Kilie the Dreamer,” a novel for young adults by Humera Ansari
• “The Maiden Voyage of Soñador,” a novel by Mark Overturff
• “The Divine Fiat: Black Excellence in Herbalism” a non-fiction book by Kwame M. Vaughn
• “Lucky Dog,” a memoir by Dallas White
• a series of literary reviews on diabetes
• a bio for a spa business website
• a doctoral dissertation on patent litigation
• a book on holistic cancer cures
• a letter to a collection agency
• master’s thesis: privacy concerns arising from technological advancements
• medical journal articles on pediatrics
• a doctoral dissertation on nursing management
• a podcast script on marijuana entrepreneurs
• a business proposal for hydroelectric power in Africa
• a master’s thesis on social geography
• engineering reports for the federal government on soil contamination
• an advertisement for a new day spa in New York City
• a master’s thesis on computer servers
• proposal for waste disposal and recycling for the Congo
• letter to a judge pleading for leniency in divorce case
• a medical report on difficult diagnoses
• a master’s thesis on the feasibility of the Airbus
• a magazine article on women empowerment in India
• a book on child psychology
• a booklet on the power of positive thinking
• letter to the courts for obtaining child custody
• personal statements for dental school, med school, and law school
• a magazine article on violence against women in India
• a collection of childhood anecdotes
• a personal memoir about coming of age in rural Texas
• a master’s thesis on electric car use
• a personal memoir about growing up in Texas
• a research paper on autism
• a master’s thesis on electric car use
• a press release for a new author
• a letter to a judge pleading for custody of a minor
• a novella of mainstream young adult fiction
• a letter to a traffic court judge to lessen charge for reckless driving


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