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15 Thoughts to Ponder

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

some counter-intuitive observations

If the garbage company and grocery store raised their prices, claiming the high price of gasoline forced them to do so, then why wasn’t there a corresponding drop in prices when the price of gasoline declined?

If cell phone companies charge you extra for going over your anytime minutes, why don’t they refund your money when you are under the limit?

Why does everyone consider 80 degrees and sunny to be the only "good" weather?

If people accept girls playing loudly, wrestling, and climbing trees, why do they scoff at little boys who play with Barbie dolls?

If ATMs are self-service, why do you have to pay more to use one than you do when you deal with actual human beings inside the bank?

If our old, worn-out jeans with holes in the knees are worth nothing, why are teenagers charged premium prices for jeans that look even worse?

If plumbers come to your house to fix a leaky faucet and fail, they have to do it again for no extra cost. Why do doctors charge you for every time you visit, even if they fail to cure you?

If people can go to jail for perjury, why don’t lawyers suffer the same fate when they lie in court to protect their clients?

If titles are supposed to be used as a means of showing respect to others, why do people introduce themselves using their own titles? Isn't it defeating the purpose?

If Indian names for team mascots such as Chiefs and Braves are de

emed disrespectful, then why do we have teams named the Saints, The Texans and Patriots? Aren’t we insulting God, Sam Houston and our venerable founding forefathers? And aren’t mascot names of teams intended to revere, not demean?

If, in order to vote in America, you must be a citizen, and to become a citizen, you must know English, then to whom are the signs in foreign languages addressed wh

en you go to a polling station?

If phone solicitors are now legally allowed to call us on our cell phones (for which we pay per minute used), then why aren’t we legally allowed to send these companies our phone bills anytime they call us?

Why do we still have the nickel and the penny when they both cost more to produce than what they are worth? What is the Queen of England still doing on the payroll of the English taxpayer? If she were no longer on the throne, would anyone really notice? If Kenya is considered by some to be President Obama's homeland (because his father was born there), why is it that no one considers Kansas his homeland, although that's where his mother was from?

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